What is it?

    Cestagi is a free service that can be used to create and maintain personalized curriculum vitae (CV) web pages, which follow academic regulations and best practices. Cestagi strives to provide educators and young scholars innovative tools to manage, track and promote their unique credentials, enabling interdisciplinary communicative and collaborative efforts. Cestagi was launched in 2008. Initial development took about 8 months and since its inception, Cestagi has grown steadily to thousands of users.

Why do I need it?

    Stop wasting time managing multiple curriculum vitaes in different styles and electronic formats. Do it once, here on Cestagi. When preparing a scholarship, proposal, grant or a job application, login and export your vitae with a click of a button using our curriculum vitae template tools. Not only will this save you time, but whenever a curriculum vitae is needed, you'll be able to provide it in seconds, be it a custom web address to your Cestagi vitae, Microsoft Word (.rtf), LaTex (.tex) or Adobe (.pdf) documents. Furthermore, use your Cestagi vitae to generate detailed statistics about the visitors and their interests relating to your work. Cestagi also allows you to track announcement campaigns easily and effectively.

      Smoother information sharing

      Centralized database of educators and young scholars

      Higher education employment marketing opportunities

      Unique grant, scholarship and fellowship resources

      Custom address to your curriculum vitae web page

      Innovative vitae export features in various formats

      Detailed analytics tracking visitors and their interests

      Secure infrastructure with various access controls

      Universal access, login anytime anywhere


How do I get started?

    Cestagi is simple, quick and free. Create and publish your curriculum vitae online using our CV platform.

    Get started now by clicking here.