A curriculum vitae (CV) is a multi-page document that summarizes your educational and academic credentials. This document is required when applying for an academic position, scholarship, fellowship, proposal or grant. One might find that preparing and initially writing an academic curriculum vitae is frustrating. Keeping a curriculum vitae up-to-date and maintaining it may also be a daunting task. Cestagi simplifies these tasks. The following is a guide for preparing a curriculum vitae using Cestagi services following academic best practices.

Once registered successfully, your personalized account link is generated automatically. The format is “http://cestagi.com?Firstname_Lastname”, which can later be changed under "My settings" tab. You can provide your Cestagi link to others in order to access your curriculum vitae page. It is also beneficial to place it under your signature for email correspondence.

Cestagi incorporates privacy level controls. You can make your curriculum vitae public (viewable by everyone), restricted (viewable only by registered users), private (viewable only by registered users you are collaborating with) or hidden (viewable only to you). Privacy levels can be set under the "My settings" tab.

The information stored on Cestagi is modularized. Under the "My settings" tab you can pick modules that you wish to publish on your curriculum vitae page. Meaning, if you do not have any publications, you simply uncheck that module and it never gets published. Same for teaching courses, if you do not teach, you simply uncheck the module. The following is a list of modules that are supported by Cestagi along with a short narrative.

Personal Information

    Provide your name, title, current employer, address and your contact information. If you have a personal website, you may provide it as well. It is advised to supply a professional looking photo. Inappropriate photos will be deleted automatically without notice. Information including email address, phone numbers and chat network ID/SN when provided are published as a roll-over image on your curriculum vitae page. This prevents automated bots and other web crawlers from retrieving and harvesting this information for spam or unsolicited marketing purposes.


    List all of your degrees, with the name of the institution, location and the date they were conferred. You may also list the date you expect to receive the degree for the program you are currently enrolled in.

Personal statement

    Personal statement, sometimes referred to as a career summary, typically ranges between 50 and 200 words and gives a story about who you are and your career aims. Via personal statement you have an opportunity to share your intellectual curiosity, ambitions, inspirations and interest in personal development. You should communicate your statement clearly and succinctly with a focus solely on you.

Research interests

    A statement of research interests provides a summary of your current work and discusses the potential and future directions of your work. You may detail your recent scholarly accomplishments, their relevance to your discipline and your plans for future research in your field. You may also include a list of research activities and keywords that relate specifically to the work you are performing or wish to perform.

Work showcase

    You have an opportunity to showcase your work, latest results and innovations. You may upload papers, posters or presentations in a PDF format that summarize the research you conducted or the works in progress. It is recommended to include a descriptive title and a short abstract describing your work for each file that you upload. You may also attach a link to an external web page to direct viewers for more information.

Teaching courses

    List the courses you are currently teaching or have taught in the past. It is a good idea to provide a course title along with a description of the topics covered. You may also provide a link to the course web page if you have one. Refrain from providing course numbers as they are meaningless outside your campus.

Professional affiliations and services

    List all of your synergistic activities. This may include your scientific and professional society memberships; committees and services you partook in like organizing a conference session; or any editorial and advisory boards you may have been a part of. Provide length of commitment for all professional organizations you are a member of.

Awards and honors

    Provide the name of the award or honor, institutional location and the date received. You may list research-related and dissertation-supported scholarships, grants and fellowships. Scholarships are financial awards given to eligible students with no strings attached. Grants are cash awards that do not need to be repaid, which include federal grants, state grants, and grants issued by private businesses and organizations. Fellowships are awarded to pursuers of graduate or doctoral degrees and although fellowship providers don’t seek repayment, they will ask that students perform research work.


    List all your publications including books, book chapters and refereed journal articles or conference proceedings. You may also include forthcoming publications here as well. If a valid DOI link of a given publication exists, provide it first and click on "X-REF." The Cestagi system will populate the rest of the fields related to the publication for you and link the reference in your curriculum vitae. This will not only speed up the import process but allows the publication to be quickly accessible by others increasing the chances of it being read and cited. You may later export all your publications in both RIS and BibTex formats.

Intellectual property and patents

    List all the intellectual property and patents you have been awarded. Include inventors, title, application number, year and a short abstract describing the invention.

Conference proceedings and workshops

    List all the conferences and workshops you presented at or attended. You should also include invited talks. You may later export this list in both RIS and BibTex formats.

Professional experience

    Provide institution, department, title and dates of employment. You may also provide the names of mentors, project title and a short narrative of the work you performed.

Transferable skills

    List all the skills you posses. Do not list all of them separately, group them when possible. You may also provide languages with proficiency in reading, speaking and writing clearly stated.

Grant support and funding

    List the grant support and funding you received. This is applicable if you are at the assistant professor rank and higher in academia, a scientist or researcher in government or industry. It is advisable to show that you are capable of bringing in your own money from external sources.


    It is a good idea to provide a list of the people you are collaborating with especially from different fields to show you are diverse and posses the skills to work with others.


    You may advertise an event, like a conference or a workshop; a job opening; or a scholarship, grant or fellowship opportunity. These announcements will be accessible from the home page in chronological order once approved.

Modules that are completed should be enabled under "My settings" tab. You may preview your curriculum vitae by clicking “My vitae” tab. To export your curriculum vitae offline in Microsoft Word (.rtf), LaTex (.tex) or Adobe (.pdf) format use the vitae tools provided. Select a format (NSF/NIH included), style and output type and then click “Export vitae” button.

Under the “My vitae” tab you can view your c-index history and your online curriculum vitae analytics. Vitae analytics monitor visitors viewing your curriculum vitae, which includes individual module views. Statistics like personal website, work showcase document, publication and announcement clicks among other things are also tracked where results are presented using charts.

To summarize, the Cestagi platform helps you keep your achievements organized, current and always accessible. With a push of a button you can export your curriculum vitae contents to your computer, modify it and have it ready for your next proposal or job application. The platform cultivates many features that are of great value to you when it comes to preparing and maintaining your curriculum vitae.