What is Cestagi?

    Cestagi facilitates an easy to use platform that helps keep your achievements current. Cestagi simplifies maintenance of your personalized curriculum vitae (CV) web page, biographical sketch or resume, by providing a simple step-by-step process framework. With the push of a button you can export your vitae from anywhere in the world in matter of seconds as long as you have Internet access.

Who uses Cestagi?

    Cestagi is available to everyone, with more and more individuals from academia, government and industry signing up. Professionals, educators and young scholars who are serious about career advancement, wish to promote their unique credentials, initiate collaborative efforts among peers or track their vitae web page visits and visitor interests relating to their work are encouraged to sign up.

What do I need to sign up?

    Cestagi is a web service that is easily accessible from any computer using a web browser. To get started all you need is a valid email address. The sign up takes a minute or two and you can always return to update/add more information at your convenience.

How much does it cost?

    Nothing. You get all the tools to manage and export your vitae, a personalized account link to your vitae web page and the privilege to advertise employment opportunities, events and awards at no cost. Furthermore, you will have access to analytics to help track your vitae web page and announcement campaign visits. (Advertising privileges may be forfeited as spam will not be tolerated.)

What is my personal account link? Can I change it?

    Personal account link is automatically generated for you when your Cestagi account is validated during the sign-up process. It is found under "Settings" once you login into your account. The format of your personal account link is http://cestagi.com?Firstname_Lastname where "Firstname_Lastname" can be altered to your liking under account settings. So, whenever you want to provide a web link to your curriculum vitae, that would be the format.

How do I update my email address?

    Your email address can be updated under "Settings" once you login into your Cestagi account. You will be asked to enter your new email address. Verification code will be sent to your new email, which you will have to retrieve and supply before changes take place.

How do I change my password?

    Your password can be changed under "Settings" once you login into your Cestagi account.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

    If you forgot your account password, you may recover it. Please click on "Password" found in the login box on the top of Cestagi website. You will be asked to provide the email address that is associated with your account and pass the security and human checks. Upon success, your account password will be sent to your email. It is advised to change your password once it is recovered.

Why is my C-index not reflective of my curriculum vitae?

    Your C-index can be adjusted under the "My vitae c-index" panel on the "My vitae" page. Cestagi allows you to send a request for your C-index recalibration every 90 days using up-to-date information embedded in your curriculum vitae and weighting it using the Cestagi index algorithm.

Is Cestagi safe? Are there privacy settings?

    Cestagi takes safety measures with your information seriously. Contact information, only if you wish to provide it, including phone numbers and email addresses are displayed as an image in a Captcha-like format on your vitae web page. This prevents automated bots and other web crawlers from retrieving and harvesting such information for spam/unsolicited marketing purposes. Cestagi also incorporates different privacy levels for your account. You can make your vitae information public, restricted (viewable only to registered Cestagi users), private (viewable only to registered Cestagi users you are collaborating with, meaning people you add under the "Collaborators" module) and hidden (not viewable by anyone, only you have access to it). You can set privacy level under the "Settings" easily once you login into your account.

Do I need to provide all the information when building my curriculum vitae?

    Cestagi stores information in a modularized format. This facilitates clean organization and easy customization of your curriculum vitae. Meaning, if you do not have any publications or wish to not share them, you simply uncheck the "Publications" module under your account settings and it never gets published on your vitae page. Same goes for the "Teaching courses" module, if you do not teach, you simply uncheck it. The following modules are currently supported on Cestagi: "Personal Information" (this module is required), "Personal statement", "Education", "Research interests", "Work showcase", "Teaching courses", "Professional affiliations and services", "Awards and honors", "Publications", "Intellectual property and patents", "Conference proceedings and workshops", "Professional experience", "Transferable skills", "Grant support and funding", "Collaborators" and "Announcements."

What export features does Cestagi support?

    Cestagi currently supports many export features. Cestagi provides the ability for you to export your online curriculum vitae information into different formats (NSF/NIH formats included) in PDF, WORD (RTF) and LATEX document types. Furthermore, the "Publications" and "Conference proceedings and workshops" modules allow you to export corresponding information in both RIS and BibTex formats.

Can I advertise on Cestagi?

    Yes! Once you create your Cestagi account, you can advertise an event, like a conference or workshop, an award, like a scholarship or fellowship, on your vitae web page or even a job opening. To publish an employment opportunity on Cestagi, login into your account and under settings click on "Announcements" module. Select an "Employment" category and proceed with the form. Once you enter all the information and click submit, our staff will review the announcement and publish it at no cost. (Approval typically takes 24-48hrs.)

Is there an easier way of importing publications?

    Yes! Within the "Publications" module, you can provide a DOI link to your published article. Once you provide a valid DOI link, click on "X-REF." Cestagi will try to populate the rest of the fields for you. Please allow a couple of seconds to process this request.

How do I get started with Cestagi?

    It is simple, get started now by clicking here.

Date of last revision is 01/01/2018.

More questions? Please contact the Cestagi team by clicking here.